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Studio + Gallery Rental

    YK ARCC is downtown again!

    YK ARCC has a new downtown location, starting July 1st. With workshop space that doubles as a gallery/exhibition room and an artist studio to rent!




    Gallery/Exhibition Space

    Our gallery/exhibition space is to be used in priority for non-commercial art shows but can also be rented out by artists selling their work on occasions.  The room is 323 ft2. Inquire on our Contact Page or with for the availability of the gallery space.

    *A larger venue is available for exhibit launch and artist talk events in the same building.  Contact for more details *

    Workshop/Social Gathering Space 

    Please inquire on our Contact Page or with for the availability of workshop or social gathering space.


    Studio Rental

    YK ARCC is offering studio rental again!  

    If you are interested to rent this 100 ft2 studio space, please inquire on our Contact Page or with