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Draw-a-Thon: Support Your Local Arts Centre


Posted 2013-05-08
Category Events

On May 11th at 12pm 12 artists will be locked-in YK ARCC gallery; their goal to draw and make art for 24 hours straight!

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They Call Us Squatters: a fibre based collection by Alison Mccreesh


Posted 2012-10-23
Category Events

Fresh from a tour in Whitehorse, They Call Us Squatters comes home to Yellowknife beginning Friday October 26 until November 15th. This collection aims to draw a portrait of the Woodyard; of its past fights and of the form it takes on today

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Posted 2012-03-08
Category Events

This Friday we release the light.

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YK ARCC Christmas Parade Float


Posted 2011-11-17
Category Events

The YK ARCC is excited about participating in this year’s Santa Claus Parade – Saturday, November 19th from 6 to 7 pm.

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