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Call for Artwork / Art Installations ISSUES: Group Exhibit 2017

Posted 2016-12-11
Written by ykarcc


Deadline: Proposals will be accepted until Thursday January 5th, 2017 at midnight. 

ISSUES: Group Exhibit 2017

Yellowknife Artist Run Community Centre (YK ARCC) is organizing a multimedia exhibition series exploring the theme of “ISSUES -  important topics or problems for debate or discussion”, expressed and represented through art.

Show your perspective on:

Local Issue

Social Issue

Northern Issue

Gender Issue

Environmental Issue

Family Issue

Global Issue

Political issue

My issue

Your issue

Our issue

The list goes on.


Deadline: Proposals will be accepted until Thursday January 5th, 2017 at midnight. 


Applicants must be an artist practicing in the discipline of art, craft, design, media arts or related media in the NWT. Applicants may choose to propose independent or collaborative pieces outside of their existing body of work to submit to the exhibition.

To be displayed indoors for the general public at the end of February

Selected applicants will be payed CARFAC rates for Group Exhibition  (See CARFAC Minimum Fee Schedule 2017, A.1.3 • Group Exhibitions, Category I)

Proposal Criteria:

YK ARCC is requesting proposals for artwork to be created specifically for the exhibition, rather than previously completed pieces. If you have any questions about proposals, please contact YK ARCC at for more information.

Proposals will be selected according to the following criteria. Proposals must include these components, titled accordingly, in the order listed:

1.     Artist’s CV: including relevant artistic experience and a short biography of no more than 200 words.

2.     Artist’s Statement: (no more than 500 words) this will discuss the concepts, influence, and motivation for the proposed work and how those factors fit within the theme of the exhibition. 

3.     Description of proposed work: (no more than 500 words) this will describe the physical appearance, size, construction, materials, and intended display for the proposed work and how the final project fits within the theme of the exhibition.

4.     Special Requirements: list any special requirements for display, such as plinths, plug-ins, projectors, screens, etc.

5.     Portfolio: provide three (3) examples of previous work in the same media as the proposed work – for example, if you are proposing a sculpture, please provide examples of sculpture. Portfolios must include:

a.     One to three (1-3) high quality images of each example

b.     A short (100 words) statement for each work that includes the concepts and motivation behind the work.

c.     A short (100 words) description of each work that includes the materials used to create the work and how it was displayed. 

Please send proposals electronically (PDF) to

Proposals will be reviewed by a committee and applications will be notified about the decision on their proposal by January 12th, 2017. 

Deadline: Proposals will be accepted until Thursday January 5th, 2017 at midnight. 


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