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Artist Call - Sidewalk Mural

Posted 2016-07-14
Written by ykarcc
Category Artists

Sidewalk Mural Design, Painting and Public Workshop in Downtown Yellowknife

Deadline for Design Submission:  August 1st, 2016
Timing of Mural Painting and Workshops :  5-7 days mid to late August

Funding available TBD – awaiting confirmation
(CARFAC rates for Creation of a Work in Public requested)

The Artist is responsible for:

  • Designing the mural
  • painting the sidewalk mural
  • leading workshops onsite and assisting the public to paint portions of the sidewalk design
Project Details:
YK ARCC is seeking a Sidewalk Mural Design for a portion of the sidewalk on 50th Street, in front of the vacant lots beside Raven’s Pub.  This section of sidewalk is 7ft deep, and approximately 145ft long.
The sidewalk would be sealed in advance of the sidewalk painting, to preserve the painted works for an estimated 2-3 years.   The artist is encouraged to recommend locally sourced paint products which are longer lasting, and more durable to withstand impact from foot traffic, snow clearing, and street sweeping.  Paint and supplies will be provided.
Painting and workshopping activities would take place over 5-7 days in accordance with the artist’s schedule.
Optional ideas to consider –
  1. The sidewalk space is divided up (roughly) into 24 blocks, 6’ wide x 7’ deep. Alternating blocks could have letters spelling the city’s name :  Y-E-L-L-O-W-K-N-I-F-E.
  2. Multiculuralism Theme. 
Please submit designs and accompanying details (below) to ykarcc [at] Make sure you include a short text explaining your motivation to work on this particular project.
  • Design sketch with colours
  • Specifics re. public’s role in painting
  • Paint and painting supply request
  • Estimation of project completion time
***While not all submitted designs will be used this year, submissions will be considered for anticipated future Sidewalk Mural projects.***


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