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Ruins - Exhibition - Dec 6-20

Posted 2014-11-21
Written by Katie Obeirne


A group exhibition featuring artists from Yellowknife, Winnipeg, Glasgow and London.

Friday December 5, 6-8 PM

At the old BMO space in Centre Square Mall

About the exhibition:
Dec. 6-20 at the old BMO space in Centre Square Mall
Wed/Thurs 5-6 PM
Fri 5-8 PM
Sat 1-5 PM

With an off-site project at YK ARCC Sat-Sun 1-4 PM or by appointment

This exhibition explores a shifting understanding and fascination with ruins and the ruined. The perpetual states we find ourselves in - tearing down in order to build up, making new things on top of old, forgetting the past and inventing the future - are marked by what we leave behind. Ruins are those things that measure our progress and failures, our memories and our disappointments, our ideologies and our realities. They are as much psychological spaces as they are architectural places. They help to situate us within personal timelines as well as exist in a collective narrative of achievements and disasters. The work in this exhibition brings together artists who examine these spaces of memory, failure and markers of time through sculpture, installation, film, performance and sound. 

Escutheon Athletics
Courtney Chetwynd
Steven Leyden Cochrane
Alexis Dirks
Allison Gibbs
Jenny Moore
Casey Koyczan


Clap for Zoe-Bios
Jenny Moore
8 min 15 sec
It is at once inside the body and inside the city. It is like a hollowing out of oneself -- I often think of sound like this, that the noises coming out of my mouth carve out a cave inside me that a temporary new world can exist in. It is also like a translation of the detritus of the city, gathered inside the hollow for the time being. And somehow, in abstract terms, this is a ruin. 



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