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Death is Real - Thank Yous and Photos

Posted 2014-11-05
Written by Katie Obeirne


We had a great time on Saturday at our Halloween (Day of the Dead) Art Show. 

Thanks to: 


  • Edge Magazine for the collaborative effort - the DJ dance party upstairs was a great compliment to our downstairs art show.  
  • The Yellowknife Elks Lodge for the use of the space and for accommodating us along the way
  • WAMP for lending us equipment for video and sound work
  • All artists and volunteers for your time and contributions.  Artists are listed below by photos of their projects.  Other artists that we don't have photos for are Cody Punter (DJ Kodiak), Casey Koyzan (addition sound work), Lachlan Maclean (interactive strobe animation installation), Janna Graham (sound installation).

Baby Skull and Spinal Catwalk by Joel Maillet and Katie O'Beirne. Projections by Davis Heslep.

The Heart - Day of The Dead inspired altar by Ksenia Eic

The Liver - Bar by Mariane Vadeboncoeur and Laura Busch

The stomach - "Hell's Belly" by Harrison Roberts

Donny playing synth

Donny's math art film 

Skull paper cuts for heart altar on elk head.



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