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Posted 2014-05-22
Written by Katie Obeirne


Open Call for Submissions:


November 21 - December 13, 2014

The YKARCC is seeking submissions for a curated group show on the theme of ruins. Artists are invited to submit work which interprets and explores the ruin in any artistic medium.
From the decaying architecture of ancient civilizations to more recent incidents of environmental disasters and economic collapse, ruins project both the romance for lost eras, and the possibility of dystopian futures. Ruins represent the monument and the souvenir, they host collaborations between nature and architecture, and signify lost systems and civilizations. This exhibition will explore the conceptual possibilities of the ruin within the context of Yellowknife. Artists who work in 2D, 3D, sound, film/video, performative and written media are encouraged to apply.

Ruins embody a set of temporal and historical paradoxes. The ruined building is a remnant of, and portal into, the past; its decay is a concrete reminder of the passage of time. And yet by definition it survives, after a fashion: there must be a certain (perhaps indeterminate) amount of a built structure still standing for us to refer to it as a ruin and not merely as a heap of rubble. At the same time, the ruin casts us forward in time; it predicts a future in which our present will slump into similar disrepair or fall victim to some unforseeable calamity. The ruin, despite its state of decay, somehow outlives us. And the cultural gaze that we turn on ruins is a way of loosening ourselves from the grip of punctual chronologies, setting ourselves adrift in time. Ruins are part of the long history of the fragment, but the ruin is a fragment with a future; it will live on after us despite the fact that it reminds us too of a lost wholeness or perfection.

Brian Dillon
Documents of Contemporary Art : Ruins

Please submit the following on or before June 20th, 2014:

A proposal of the work to be submitted in no more than 250 words
A current artist CV
Up to 12 images of the proposed or previous work
A description of the images provided. Please include: title of work, medium, year

created, and dimensions.
Submissions can either be emailed to or mailed by post to:

Alexis Dirks
P.O. Box 1766, Yellowknife, NT X1A 3X7 


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