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They Call Us Squatters: a fibre based collection by Alison Mccreesh

Posted 2012-10-23
Written by SOS
Category Events

They Call Us Squatters YK ARCC couldn’t be more excited to have this exhibit as our inaugural show.

Fresh from a tour in Whitehorse, They Call Us Squatters comes home to Yellowknife beginning Friday October 26 until November 15th.

Opening – Friday, October 26 5 – 9pm. Alcohol will be served after 6pm so unfortunately no minors after 6 can be in the gallery.

Gallery Hours

  • Saturday, October 27: 1 – 5pm; Sunday, October 28 :1 – 5pm;
  • Monday, October 29 – Thursday, November 1: 5 – 7pm
  • Saturday, November 3: 1 – 5pm
  • Sunday, November 4: 1 – 5pm

“They call us squatters” aims to draw a portrait of the Woodyard; of its past fights and of the form it takes on today. The exhibition presents a series of fibre based snapshots of an ever fading way of life. It’s about the quirks and the contradictions of living in a shack 5 minutes from Yellowknife’s downtown core : it’s about living in a modern city and needing to come home at lunch to throw a log on a fire, it’s about having a smart phone and not having a flush toilet, . This exhibition reflects on the last little scraps of ‘frontier living’ that remain in our Territory’s capital. As yet another enhancement plan is to be revealed – and put into action – in the year to come, it is time to once again dwell on what makes our young Northern cities unique and on what can be considered heritage.


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