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Posted 2012-03-08
Written by SOS
Category Events

This Friday we release the light.

Identifiable Light Objects is a concert and happening that YK ARCC is producing at SnowKing XVII.

Grey Gritt, Bison Ogon and The Dawgwoods will lead us in music under the supervision of emcee Scott Lough, while visual artists Joel Maillet and Marie-Andrée Bédard will screen a live acetate show on the walls of the snow ballroom.

“It’s gonna be very low tech”, Joel assures.

But the highlight of the evening (pun intended) will be the launch of 99 flying sky lanterns above Yellowknife Bay. For a short moment of enlightment the night will be glittering as the chandeliers ascend gracefuly towards the full moon. And the nice part is that it’s you, the public, that will make this magic happen.

Be a part of it, Friday March 9th 8PM at the Snow Castle.

Oh, and YK ARCC runs the Snowking  Café throughout the festival.


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