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    A Few Details

    Founded in 2011, the Yellowknife Artist Run Commnity Center is a non-profit organization facilitating the production and presentation of Yellowknife and NWT artwork. It brings artists and organization of all art forms together and encourages collaboration.


    To inspire and nurture expression through the presentation, production and interpretation of multidisciplinary art forms for the benefit of the community. 


    A community where individuals are empowered to create positive change through art.


    • To provide a venue for arts practice and non-commercial exhibition of arts.
    • To provide a forum for networking and collaboration between artists, art organizations and the community.
    • To stimulate/foster community development through diverse art practices.



    Interim President: Cathie Harper 

    Treasurer: Brian McCutcheon

    Secretary: Katie O'Beirne


    • Kirsten Murphy
    • Davis Heslap

    The YK ARCC is a volunteer-run organization. Its success could have never been achieved without the benevolent support of dedicated artists, community members and fans who have given their time and energy to the cause. 



    $20/year OR $10/year for full-time students (age 16-25) and seniors (age 60+) - Email us and send us an e-transfer today!

    (use YK ARCC space and equipment, discounted rates to YK ARCC events, access to members-only activities and socials)

    Financial statements from past 2 years, click to download:

    Financial Statement 2015-2016Financial Statement 2014-2015


    The poet D.H. Lawrence reminds us of the importance not to waste speech. “Be still when you have nothing to say”, he advises. “When genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.”

    Our own narrative has always been the laconic kind: 1) Yellowknife is crazy for arts, 2) it deserves appropriate venues to display its talent and 3) accessible studio space to foster it. The large attendance YK ARCC has enjoyed at the more than 40 events held since its inception and the sustained stream of  artists keen to put a dedicated space to good creative use demonstrate just that.

    But hits are  not erect on thin air and dump finds alone. Many are the benevolent community members who have made invaluable contribution to this success.

    And then there are the dozens of you who have lent us their time and spare change, a hand, a song, a smile, an applause or, what not, an extension cord. You are the YK ARCC.

    We are genuinely passionate about this nascent vessel of a project and hope the YK ARCC will carry on with artists of all disciplines on its board. With such an appreciative and dedicated community blowing wind at our sails, we know we will.

    In a word,Yellowknife, all we’d like to say is a hot thank you.

    Mahsi cho. Quanni. Merci.